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At Mile End Office Furniture we offer a wide range of fabrics not limited to what is shown below.

Our fabric partners ensure their materials are made of the highest quality natural and synthetic materials and are rigorously tested for commercial use and guaranteed to last. What you see on these pages is only a small sample of our full collection, however we have supplied links to our partners website pages for each collections full fabric data and colour selection.

Printers and monitors are never able to reproduce fabric colours and textures perfectly. Please visit our showroom to view our full offering or we can arrange for a sample to be mailed to you.


Fabric ranges used within the Mile End core range of soft seating

House Soft Touch Fabrics. 17 Fabrics in collection that are soft to the touch, yet durable for commercial applications

House Hardy Fabrics. 17 Subtle fabrics in collection with texture and depth

House Dura Fabrics. 17 Fabrics in collection that are heavily woven with subtle light and dark shades

House Geo Fabric. 5 Bold geometric graphic fabrics

House Fuzzy Fabric. 18 Fabrics in collection that are a soft felt like material with subtle light and dark shades

UPHOLSTERY FAB 1 : $0 - $10

Our fabrics are categorised by prices per lineal metre.

Wortley Access. 16 Colours in Full Collection. For full range please follow this link. More...