High quality, reliable furniture for your office

Looking for office furniture that’s stylish, functional, and supportive? Mile End Office Furniture supplies a versatile range of high quality, reliable seating options for corporate and educational purposes. 

How to choose the best chairs for your office

If you want to make your work environment work for you, it’s important to have a range of seating for both your employees and visitors. 

If you have a large office or a hotdesking space, you’ll need computer chairs that can adjust to different sizes. The right chair has the potential to save your organisation time and money in the long run by preventing injuries and improving productivity

Browse our full range of task and operator chairs here. 

Why you should choose an ergonomic office chair

Sitting for hours at a time in an uncomfortable chair can restrict movement and cause you to sit in an unnatural position. Over time, this puts serious stress on the back, joints, and muscles, and increases the risk of strain.

Ergonomic chairs offer additional support to the spine and neck, and adjustable seat height, flexible backs, and optional armrests allow you to modify the chair to suit your body, so you can sit more comfortably throughout the day. 

Our recommendations for the best home office chairs

At MEOF, your comfort is our priority. We offer a range of desk chairs to suit every style and budget. Some of our most popular home office chairs include:

Other seating options

Whether you need school chairs, benches, or soft seating, Mile End Office Furniture offers a range of designs for every purpose, including:

  • Task/Operator Chairs
  • Ergonomic Desk Chairs
  • Executive and Boardroom Seating
  • Beam and Row Seating
  • Classroom and Hospitality Seating
  • Stools, Loungers, and Visitor Seating

Why Choose MEOF for your office furniture?

At MEOF, we believe that life is too short to sit uncomfortably. 

Whether you’re hosting meetings, welcoming visitors, or working from your home office, the right chair can make all the difference. 

As direct importers of office and classroom furniture, we offer high quality, reliable seating options at a great price. 

With the widest range of products in South Australia, and one of the largest showrooms in the country, you’re sure to find the most comfortable chairs for your office at MEOF.

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