We work closely with our good friends at Laminex and local manufacturers to bring you the best quality and design for your custom furniture. Select from the three main categories of swatches below, or choose from the extended range of swatches. Better still, have one of our experienced staff meet you on site or in-store to customize your work or education spaces.


Category one range of swatches is built for economy. Often used as the base, or under, material for categories two and three to keep the price down. The solid colours also act as a good base or frame colour, complimenting the ‘over’ feature woodgrains from all three categories.


Category two swatches offer three alternatives; a light grain for the popular Scandinavian appeal, mid grain for the most popular of office swatches and a darker grain offering a moody depth for those wanting a warmer swatch.


The category three range is a premium option. These three alternatives are high impact; the light grain, Oyster Linea looks amazing against light or dark solid colours, while the mid, Sublime Teak, definitely lends itself best to the clarity of white. The darkest, Blackened Linewood is a Mile End favourite, ask the staff and see for yourself in-store.


The bubblegum range of swatches is that daring ‘pop of colour’. Most often used by our customers in the education industry, but not exclusively! For those who want to bring their company identity colour, or just need some life of colour into their office environment. If you have a fear of colour, but wish you didn’t? Contact our design team, we’ll help you build a theme to your work environment.

LAMINEX EXTENDED RANGE (Full colour range available in store)

This category is a small example of the extended range of swatches available from our good mates at Laminex. To view the full range make a quick appointment to talk with our design team over a coffee and our library of swatches.