Autex Vicinity Partitions

Vicinity™ colour and style selector



    Autex Vicinity Partitions
    Floating acoustic solutions
    6 Style options; Hedge, Nook, Sol, Haven, Polka, Crest, Den & Slate
    Thickness: 12mm
    NRC rating: 0.45, 0.70
    100% Polyester Fibre (PET)
    UV Resistant qualities
    No carcinogens
    Easy to remove and clean
    24 colour options
    10 Year Warranty

  • Custom Options Available
  • SA Install
  • SA Assemble
  • SA Supply


Vicinity™ Desk Screens are elegant, lightweight, 100% polyester acoustic screens designed to be fixed non-destructively to any desk via the Vicinity Desk Clamps. An escape from the hum and bustle of the open-plan office, Vicinity is a simple, intelligent desk screen system that provides both physical and acoustic shelter; a sanctuary for focussed, independent work. Our range of flat screens offer classic, understated design with simple contemporary shapes and a smooth finish. Our pressed screens have a softer, more sophisticated look with sleek, rounded edges and a minimalist embossed design.