Flip Box In-Desk Power

Product Code: FLIPBOXWEB

    Flip Box In-Desk Power Module
    Surface mount
    Black or White
    Available with
    2 x GPO
    1 x GPO + 1 USB
    2 x GPO + 3 Data
    4 x GPO
    4 x GPO + USB A/C charging
    4 x GPO + 3 x Data
    4 x GPO + 6 x Data

    ****No Fitting of Hardwiring Included or Installed, Any Electrical
    Site Works Must be Completed by Purchasing Customer****

  • Custom Options Available
  • SA Install
  • SA Assemble
  • SA Supply

Product Code: FLIPBOXWEB

Flip is a unique slimline in-desk module offering power, data and USB charging technology into workstations, collaborative spaces conference areas and even soft seating. Each power outlet has its own spring-loaded retractable cover so that it is hidden away when not in use. The data provisions are available in two mechanisms; flip or sliding lid with an ID labelling feature.